MDS 1-Way damper
1-Way Adjuster
1-Way Adjuster

Motorsport Modular Damper System MDS

MDS Dampers are available as Coilover damper and struts.

The types of connections range from standard unibal-bearing to pin connections and through to all different kinds of fork alternatives. In the strut variety, the outer tube is available with a clamp or a bracket.

  • Individual Damping Characteristic
  • Configurable Adjustment Range
  • 10 Well defined Clicks
  • Low Hysteresis
  • Low Friction
  • Perfect Reproducibility
  • Easy to Handle
  • Configurable Standard Dimensions
  • Dimensioning Regarding To Customer Request



Available sizes

MDS 860

MDS 860
  • low weigth
  • good force stability at medium forces
  • 36mm Piston Diameter
  • 863mm² Piston working-area
  • for medium forces up to 2500 Newton in compression


 Download Stp-Files MDS-860 3D CAD Example (470KB)

MDS 1500

MDS 1500
  • strong design at low weigth
  • good force stability at high forces
  • 46mm Piston Diameter
  • 1508mm² Piston working-area
  • for high forces up to 5000 Newton in compression


 Download Stp-Files MDS-1500 3D CAD Example (450KB)

Freely configurable dampers

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