MDS-System Formula Student

Bilstein Modular Damper System (MDS) Formula Student

  • MDS 860 Damper with 2-Way Adjuster


  • Length and Dimensions for use in Formula Student cars. Very low weigth of 760g at good durability.
  • Calculation of Damping forces in cooperation with students


  • Made for use with springs with 2 inch inside Diameter
  • Standard Price for one set 6000€
  • Student Price for one set 3000€  (sponsoring min. 2 BILSTEIN-sticker on the car)

Technical Data / Downloads

The table showing the standard measurements including the illustration and a description of the system may be downloaded here.

 Dimensions for MDS 860 Formula Student MDS-44118

 Manual MDS Damper (1,4 MB)

 3D .stp Files Bilstein MDS 860 Formula Student Shock (446 kB)


General requests: motorsport(at)

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MDS Handling

MDS Handling